Popular Types and Styles of Garage Doors

When it comes to garage doors, there are several different choices for different needs and demands. The two basic categories of garage doors are the tilt-ups and the roll-ups, with each having different door types under them.

1. The tilt-ups

These are door types that swing upward to open and slide parallel into the garage ceiling. They are space-consuming since the frontage of the garage needs to be spacious enough to allow the door to swing up to provide for a bigger entrance space for vehicles. Tilt-up doors can be installed easily and hassle-free. Examples include retractable doors, canopy doors, the up-and-over door, and the swing-hung door.

Unlike other common tilt-up types of doors, the canopy garage door, when it opens, leaves about one-third of the door hanging up outside the garage. It works similar to the common house door. This type of door guarantees utmost security. Therefore, it is ideal for luxury cars garage.

2. The roll-ups

These doors vertically move upward via a rolling system into the garage roof. They are recommended for non-spacious garage areas since they are space-saving and do not consume the front space when they open. These types of doors are often automated using a remote control.  Examples of roll-up garage doors include overhead doors, sectional doors, and roller doors. 

One type of roll-up garage door is the sectional door. It works like a sliding door just that it slides upwards into the roof space above the garage entrance. As the name suggests, the door is divided into sections, which move upward vertically as the door opens and is stored using a rolling system. This is perfect for limited garage area and can be automated. The roller garage door is another type. It adopts a roller mechanism store by wrapping around a drum that is fitted above and somewhat behind the opening. It uses a remote control to open and close the door, without the driver getting out of the car to do the opening and closing. Additionally, it is suitable for a garage with a narrow driveway.

Garage door panels

You can tell the value of a home by the type of panel the garage door is made of. The most popular materials used for garage doors include wood, PVC or vinyl, and steel. The most popular of all are the Steel garage doors since they are somewhat easy to maintain. The disadvantage, however, is that you may need to insulate more as steel does not insulate well, and besides, they dent easily.

The second type of garage door is vinyl. They are light, virtually rust-free, and don’t easily dent like steel. You also do not need an expensive door opener motor train set. In fact, some even choose to have such doors open manually. Its lightness can be a disadvantage since it can be easily broken. Unlike steel doors, they offer less resistance when forced open.

Wood garage doors 

Wooden garage doors are at the top of the line. Even though they are great insulators, you need to worry about how wood expands and contracts at any change of the weather. Furthermore, you will need a heavy gate opener which may be rubber and chain belted. Whatever material you decide, know that there is a garage door available for your budget.

Final thoughts

When opting for a garage door, your decision must not only be based on the design and style of the door, but the door panels also matter. Consider the practicality of your choice too.